What do I do

Sneek peek to 2 photos I shot in the summer of 2012.
Using a bow I found in a box, that I had since I was probably 5. I don’t even know if I used it back then (maybe it was too big for my tiny head back then)
Then an Abercrombie top I never thought I would wear, for it is very simple and isn’t ”in”.
A belt, I bought for 1 euro at Primark in Berlin 
And ripped, vintage, jeans shorts (looking like Levi’s, I wish only, but I actually ignore where I bought it)
Oh, and I forgot to mention, I am a little Swiss edelweiss yodel ey hihoo Heidi from the mountains 
cows cheese chocolate and watches

So here it is; I have always dreamed of having my own blog. But why so?
First off, this is my first post in which I will actually write a text, but the thing is, I really don’t know what to write. I’m not even a very good writer and there are so many things I want to write about but I can only do one post at the time… I guess I will just be writing what’s up on my mind, and hopefully it won’t bore you and make you turn off your computer!
Maybe an introduction could interest you, who knows?
I am a teen, a 17 year old teen and I am so passionate about loads of things in this world! I want to do so much and learn so much, but of course there is a limit. However I am so ambitious that I find myself stuck and having no time to do all I want too, which explains why I am a very busy girl.
I play the piano since now 11 years, I consider my piano my husband or my boyfriend, for I don’t have any real boyfriend. But at least, we have a very stable relationship plus we sing together, although I won’t hide, in the 4th year of our relationship, I wanted to quit the piano (BREAKUP!), luckily I continued on playing it. Then, all my life I’ve been dancing, but I’ll leave it to this, for there is so much I want to tell you, but remember, this is a blog, I will do several posts, for otherwise I won’t have anything to talk about! On top of that, I want to talk to you about FASHION. Yes fashion. That is the idea of my blog. I am getting away right now talking to you about my life, who cares anyway. So uhm fashion; (I must admit, I just stopped writing for 5 minutes, for I really don’t know how to start) if I am having a blog, it is because I want to share my taste for fashion, I want to share what inspires me and perhaps inspire you! I can’t even explain my love for fashion or why sometimes I have a need to buy this one bag. I also want to make a blog for people like me. Yes like me, because not everyone has the money to buy tons of clothes and always be up to date, this is one of the reasons why my blog’s name has a ”recycled” in it.
Whilst looking at all these magazines, cookbook, blog and all that stuff, I told myself I could never do that, for I don’t have the time, nor have the money or enough nice clothes! But then I started looking into my mom’s old stuff, my sister’s and even my dad’s, and I realised I could actually use some of there old clothes, cut them out or whatever and make a very nice outfit out of it. That is when my love for fashion started, you don’t have to always buy new clothes to be up to date, you just have to be creative. 

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