Black Leather

This is my outfit of the day! In a cold swiss winter I like to wear a long sleeve  Zara peach colour top, it has little golden buttons on the shoulder too to add a little bit of a shine. Then I tuck it in thanks to a vintage belt my mom gave me, she used to wear it when she was 15 years old! I think this belt makes my simple look special and the colours fit together very well. I just have simple slim Zara pants and really nice leather boots from H&M. I must say, this outfit is almost 100% Zara, for my leather bag is Zara too! Anyway, I think this is the perfect bag to go with this outfit 🙂
Then, for the jewellery, I just chose some simple golden chains and black leather to match my outfit!
What do you think?
This is a very easy look, you can do this with any other colour, you just need to match the colours and the style 
P.S: Click on the photo to view the other photos 😉

Belt: Vintage
Pants: ZARA
Heels: H&M

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