January green

Hey guys! So here’s an outfit I really like! Of course I am alway into skirts and I think I’m lacy details caught me, so this is no surprise! I also chose to post this look today because, living in Switzerland, I feel like only summer and spring clothes are nice, for you can wear bright colours and it somehow make me smile, don’t you think so? Anyway, I am often bored wearing those same pants and I just don’t know how to be creative with winter clothes, where you have to put tons of layer to make sure you don’t freeze! Winter clothes do not inspire me!
But here is an outfit you can wear for winter, make sure you wear thick stockings though! Unlike me…
I decided to take my simple fave high wasted black skirt and pair it with this amazing blouse! If I’d wear this blouse with some pants, I think it would look too classy, yet here this simple skirt makes it a daily outfit for school for example! The colour is yes, boring but with black and shiny bracelets, it makes it a good outfit for winter. As you can see, the blouse is a little transparent so if you also have that ”problem”, make sure you wear a black bra, it’ll give an edge to it and make your look fun.To give a little bit of recent fashion, the col claudette how I call it and the black line going through the buttons of the blouse fits quite right! 
 How do you like my outfit?
p.s: click on the photo to view more of them

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