Lana Del Rey inspired

Am I the only one who listens to Lana Del Rey constantly? Not possible! Well at school, we sure are few!
I just can’t stop listening to her music on and on! On top of that, I am so inspired by her style and hair wavy hair from the 50’s! It just makes me wanna dream and that’s when I realise, I was born in the wrong era, for the 50’s-60’s and twenties look like great fun!
So here is one of my simple look for winter! I love the colours, for they look great together and I love bright colours, although here the colours are ”camouflaged” and it fits perfectly for winter with a little bit of black. Of course, as you can see, my kitchy necklace giving the look a little shine! I added a bag which has a little bit of gold in it so it can fit with my kitchy necklace and those pale shoes making the look not so dark or sad!
This top is an H&M top, from the Lana Del Rey line, I’m in love with this splash of colours making it very original and of course, it is a public shirt, which will only make you look thinner in it!
What do you think?

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