Romper all the way

Hello to the lovely and colourful jumpsuits and shorts, goodbye to the warm velours clothes and velvet hats. Indeed, it is summertime in Switzerland, and who says summertime Switzerland says good mood everywhere and music festivals! 
However, here is not a look for a festival but for a sunny day (or even a grey day, yes because even if its summer, 50% of the time, it is still grey here…). 

So through the rain it is, but also the glow of the sunshine, that I choose to wear a black floppy hat with my favourite pair of high heels. ”Romper and turquoise all the waaay”, yes rompers are simply the best. Not just because they hide my belly and ”readjust” my waist and hips, but especially because it is the most comfortable and easy clothes you can get. It ain’t a ”casse-tête” to choose the perfect shorts or top to go with it, for it is a onepiece! On top of that, I get to wear that casually or in a more elegant way depending with what I fit it!

Enough of fashion talking, because I am finally on holiday now! Yes two whole months of pleasure and fun are waiting for me and I am getting ready to go to Milano, one of the world’s best fashion capitals that welcomes people annually to their fashion week! Well, I think I still have a lot to discover there, for I don’t know much about this amazing italian city! I’ll make sure to give you some feedback though. As for the rest of the summer, I will be spending it celebrating birthdays, writing my senior project (can’t wait), going to music festivals, hanging out by the lake in the evenings and finally heading to Barcelona! But all this will come on in further posts, so keep up!

Hat: Manor Avant Première
Shoes: H&M

Click here to see more photos

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