Hat or not hat?

The new ‘’it’’ accessory of this fall/winter 2014?
Am I writing this new post to tell you that hats are in this fall?  Nooooooo
Because to tell you the truth, I have always been fond of hats, whether it is a beret or a sunny floppy hat. I am here to defend the hat committee.
Nevertheless, wearing hats at my school wasn’t always the solution if you didn’t want to get chased after your classmates :’(.My poor berets were treated as outsiders and well, I always wondered how Blair Waldorf managed to make it trendy in her school. Did she glue her berets to her head? Indeed, my beret would always end up in the mud or on the flour somewhere on the court during recess, for it was too unusual to wear a red hot beret in the winter.
Well guess what, at least the little red riding hood with the red beret didn’t get her hair wet and curly from the snow. And what up, red is my color. Someone once said ‘’le rouge is good’’ to my super cool red coat that I have been holding on to ever since I was 11 years old…how did I not grow since then? Hum..let’s leave that to the half-asian problems.
But lets turn this misery of mine upside down and maybe you should consider that: hats are a lifesaving accessory. I mean: Isn’t it by a rainy day, a bad hair day or a ‘’I don’t want to show my face so I will hide under a cap’’ day that you wear a hat?
That is so unfair to hats. You should honor the hats for being hats and wear them ALL-THE-TIME girl.
First of all, hats are fabulous and give your outfit a unique style. Be it more chic and classic, be it vintage, be it fancy, be it hipster, be it Charlie Chaplin, cowboy and so much more! The hat is THE accessory that will define your personal style or the look you are wearing. It also accentuates the season of your look, I mean, put a beret with a black dress next to a sunny floppy hat with the same black dress; you have transformed your dress! You have two totally different looks, all with just one black dress. (it is a good advice for saving money, cheating and wearing the same dress all year long without anyone to notice!).
Then, because it is an ‘’outter’’ accessory unlike the necklace which is visible only when you wear a V neck (which is impossible to wear in such a cold country like the Switz land), you get to accessorize your outdoor look. Indeed, in winter and fall, you are constantly wearing the same coats, and the pants just don’t cut it if you want to accessorise and vary your outdoors look (the pant selection for one coat is limited, I mean face it; what color pants can you wear with a red coat?).
Consequently, the only accessory that will make your look different from the other 179 days of winter and fall, is… a hat.
Finally, I could write so much more of what it is like to wear a hat. But I will stop now and let you discover the amazing experience of wearing hats. Ain’t that right all ‘’hat wearers’’ ? ;).
Yes, indeed, a true advantage

Basically. Hats have always been in, even if you wear them out.

Read more to check out a few of my ”hat outfits”

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