New Year, New Prints

New Year, New Prints

Welcome jolly 2015!

From head to toe, hat to shoe. Here are the patterns everyone likes and can’t get passed them. From the most wanted leopard colorful prints, to the royal embroidered emblematic patterns, and the winter squared printed scarves, let us have a look at what this winter’s fashion tells us.

Indeed, aren’t these colors fantastic? Of course, do not mix them all up, or you’ll look like a camouflaged colorful parrot disguised as a jaguar. I have here a dress, scarves, a pair of shorts, tops and long sleeves, each having a special pattern on them!

Anyway, this winter is all about fitting your prints with your fantastic pastel long or short coats. Colorful and printed, but easy to wear. In fact, as there are so many variations of different colors, you can fit them with any other color you like, as long as it stays neutral. This is a fun way not to stay all dark and black or white. Let us make this winter fun and colorful, and haaaappyyyy!

Furthermore, as I mentioned before, these patterns have loads of colors on them. This allows you to vary your outfits and different looks or ‘’ootd’’s. I can assure you, you won’t get bored. From head to toe, hat to shoe, you can play with your accessories and color coordinated them  with your chosen pattern.

Just like the dress down there, red shoes fit perfectly with it, and so would navy blue or even white! The shorts as well, red, green, khaki, orange, Bordeaux, wine, navy, orange… and so many more colors!

Post your ootd and color coordinated pattern on your instagram, hashtag #clacolococo, I might repost you or mention in my blog and instagram account! I can’t wait to see what your creativity will inspire you to wear!

Scarves: H&M, Forever 21, Iam

Dress: Primark

Shorts: Zara

Long-sleeve top: Zara

Short-sleeve top: Zara

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