So put your handbag in your backpack, cause backpack is back!

Indeed, you might have seen, Instagram and magazines, FashionTV and the latest catwalks are all filled with those old school now high-couture backpacks we used when we were kids. Well not only did we use them as kids, in fact, it was already fashionable, worn by our parents and in the 1990’s/early 2000. And again, a very useful accessory is on its way back into fashion and is now all trendy again.

More and more celebs and bloggers, fashionistas and high-couture designers are showing off their backpacks. Should a fancy backpack be on our next wish list then?

Still very similar to the backpacks worn 15-20 years ago, designers add their own little touch whether it is a Chanel, MCM, Tory Burch and more! Old school but glamour, very useful yet fancy, these bags have gold/silver chains, really cool straps, a big variety of patterns. The leather is however what makes us fall for them. From pastel mint to light caramel, shiny black to creamy white, the colors are just too tasty!

Here is my pick. Not only have I been staring at this backpack for the last 4 months on the internet (, but I realize I should have a go for it. Adopting a new style and going from handbag to backpack did make me hesitate I must say. But Christmas did me well and so did my friends, as its price lowered and lowered, I said I might as well just buy it, without rethinking. Yet here I am, pleased with what I received and in looooove with the color. Now comes the brainstorming; how do I wear it? what color goes with it? when do I wear it, where, with what how why aaaaaaahhhh.

Actually, it was pretty easy. As the bag already has a beautiful golden chain, hardly any jewelry is required. Simple colors look really great with it. Additionally, the best outfits to go with these backpacks are lighter ones, such as shorts, skirts, dresses and summery outfits. If you would like to wear with a coat, an edgy one with sharp epaulettes just like a blazer, together with very slim tight pants will do. I would not recommend wearing heels as this is more of a sporty/cosy look (well maybe some modest or simple heels).

These kind of backpacks are just perfect for festivals, long day trips, shorts holidays touring (in the mountains for example) aaaaand for school!

So make sure you get your hands on a backpack, for they might just be the ‘’it’’ accessory for this year. Check out my Pinterest board to get inspired 😉

Blazer: H&M
Romper: Forever21

Backpack: Manor


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