March? Winter or Spring?

So here’s a good time to make a post on how to transition from Winter outfits, looks and patterns to Spring colors and Spring mood.

You might wonder, how did I fit a baby blue pastel colored dress with a velvet Bordeaux clutch. Well here’s the trick; to make an outfit look original, unique, fun and special for a month between two seasons:

       Choose your main outfit (dress, skirt, top or pants) with a neutral and plain color which fits with the next season (Spring in this case)
       Take out some extravagant accessories such as a clutch, bag, shoes. These have to have at least two colors or a fun pattern of the past season (even though it seems hideous whilst first combining it with your main outfit, trust me, it’ll work out ;))
       At last, once you have chosen your big (or very visible) accessories, to blend them in your main outfit and not make them look ‘’hideous’’ or ridiculous, add a jewelry, bracelet or head band which is small but still goes with your main accessory (this part will combine your spring outfit with your winter accessories look good, and make the trick!)

And there you go!

As you can see, I chose to take out a pastel blue simple dress with winter prints (check out my other post), a velvet red royal clutch and a green necklace to go with the blue and the clutch!

I hope this post inspires you and that you have fun with mixing up and combining completely different styles and different seasons! 😉 Make sure to hashtag your outfit on #transfashioning and of course, #clacolococo !

Dress: Tobi
Shoes: Pimkie

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