Ô rainy days

There is not much to say about the month of March, a part form the rain.
Although we did have an amazing and sunny and warm week, this month has still been filled up with rain!
So here’s a very simple and comfortable look that still looks high-fashion. Indeed, by looking out the window and seeing the weather, that’s the kind of day where I will most likely not be very inspired and even less motivated to get out of bed!
Simple? Yes simple as in a big white buttoned up shirt (in which I probably look like a cook), cute derby shoes or vans shoes if you prefer and just a black long leggings. Along with it, to suit this rainy day, a semi-long beige coat or even just a rain-coat will do the trick. And to add some clacolococo (Clarissa’s color coordination), a bag of which its color is the same as the shoes!
Comfortable? Yes, comfortable as in floating in a big shirt, wearing tight black leggings and NO heels and NO boots.
So I hope this look can inspire you for a not so ‘’inspiring’’ some what day or for just anytime if you are feeling tired… You can just keep this sort of outfit in mind, so you don’t have to go through every drawer and cupboard of your room (or house) and find what you want in a flash second (and then have more time to sleep and stay in bed hihi).
Of course, there are other ideas of simple comfortable looks, you can just play with neutral and pastel colors!

If you have some ideas of such outfits, post them on Instagram by hashtaging (if this is an actual verb); #comfyclari or #clacolococo and I most likely will share you photo on my account! 😉

@Yannick Van de Kerkhof Photography

Coat: ZARA
Shirt: Mango
Derbies: Vögele shoes
Leggings: Helmut Lang

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