Hey guys !

Well, this summer in Switzerland has been quite a hot one. Yet, even though here are a few photos of my red outfit captures during a rare rainy day.

The reason for this special post, is to announce you the new title of my blog, which, you can see, is written in bright red : Le Rouge Is Good !
This modification is just to officially launch the beginning of the next improved posts and social activities that I will be doing.

And nooow for the outfit, I prefer to say, of the week, not the day, is a lacy red top from H&M and a ZARA skater skirt.

Of course, I paired my red outfit with my usual heels. First of all, I don’t really have any other pair of heel AND I really wanted to put some red with some beige, as I thought it was a nice combination of colours. You should really try that with any outfit or any piece of clothing which is bright. By adding some camel-beige the look softens a little bit. In addition, I think we all know that the pastel is pretty in this year. So to make it really original and to be able to wear the bright colours of summer and the bright clothes you have from previous years with a touch of this summer’s colours (the pastel), this is a good solution!

As for the bag, last year’s ZARA, this one fits the look as it is also camel-beige colour and what’s great about it, is that it is huuuge and it is a PRADA inspired bag!

As you can see my hair is tied up in an easy ponytail. Now I can’t really hide it, but I must confess, my hair was not the cleanest of them all, at least, that is what my mirror on the wall told me !
Honestly, I must say that I quite like that easy pony tail and it also creates volume on the top of your head! If ever, you are looking for a ponytail tutorial, let me know! (I know hair can be quite frustrating, as I experience it almost every day!).

@Yannick Van de Kerkhof Photography
Top: H&M
Skirt: ZARA

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