Still hesitating on the 70’s pants?

Well, as you might have seen, this kind of pair of pants is coming baaaack, as usual! Forgive me for being cliché, but, don’t we always say history repeats itself? Well, here it is literally. With a touch of modern style in it, it is all about those old days in the 70’s.
High wasted, flowy and large pants are the perfect combination to look good in any type of body. Yes indeed, the high wasted part just makes your legs look longer. The flowy pants just give the look an elegant and breezy vibe. As for the large pants, if you do not feel that comfortable about your legs and wearing skinny jeans, this pair of pants will definitely boost your confidence!
On top of all these benefits, you get to wear any pair of heels without anyone seeing how high they are!
These pairs of pants are perfect for a nice fall, as it covers your entire legs, you get to wear stockings under if it is too cold and there still is a touch of that summer beezy vibe!
Now why don’t you try this look and fit it with a long fall jacket, a nice turtle neck, a bell sleeved top, a sleeveless fur or cotton jacket, a hat and so much more!
Necklace: MANGO
Pants: H&M
Bag: Vintage

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