How to rock a pair of baggy pants

Okay girls, so who of you have a pair of these super comfortable pair of baggy pants?
Well wasn’t that a fabulous idea to buy them? Being fashionable and cosy at the same time is not an occasion you would want to miss out on!
Yet, how do I know if I do look like a fashion genius or a fashion victim?
The answer is just here: in this post, we will see how to rock a pair of baggy slash sweat pants without looking like we just came out of bed, wearing some kind of really chic PJ!
1.    As it is very sloppy, flowy and baggy, we want to add some edge to it. Adding a squarish crop top, a blaser or a structured long sleeve blouse is the perfect item to give some edge to the look.
2.     Making it look more elegant: combining it with shiny pair of flats or sandals, pair of high heels. A pair of shiny derbies looks really good, for example, as it gives this classy-business look, when going to work!
3.     Adding some shine to it: if you think the look is too plain, try adding a statement necklace or shiny shoes.
4.     The bag: word of advice, try having a squarish, sturdy or structured bag which isn’t too sloppy or too big (like a clutch for example). Or else my dear, you might look like a very nice hippie 😉
5.     Vintage, cool chic, boho, elegant, fancy? Now choose the style you are willing to embrace! That is for you to know if you should wear a fancy hat like myself, a pair of sunnies with a beanie or even a Peter Pan collar!
As you can see in the following photos, I have selected my favorite velvet sloppy hat, a plunging orange V-neck to add some edge and color, as well as shiny varnished flats, gold jewelry, and a bag which textile matches the hat and chain matches the jewelry’s color!
Necklace: Vintage
Blouse: H&M
Pants: Pimkie


@Joséphine Cornes Photography

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