Choosing the perfect winter coat

Choosing the perfect winter coat is not always that easy. Perhaps you have a certain budget to respect or you do not want to purchase more than 1 winter coat per year, for ecological reasons? In addition, there are so many different styles of coats that can look good on anyone!

I always end up having 2-3 winter coats, as I often reuse the ones I bought in the last few years. Then I always feel bad for having more than 1 and I’m just never satisfied with the coat I have (well of course, the oldest coat I still wear is 8 years old and the most recent one is 3 years old, so OBVIOUSLY they aren’t all that pretty and in style). I have therefore taken the decision to get myself a really nice one with which I will be satisfied when wearing it every snowy-winter day of 2016!

BUT, finding the perfect coat can be tricky, as it is the coat you will be wearing every day, which means:
1.      You can NOT get sick of it
2.      It has to fit every type of outfit (skinny jeans, elephant pants, skirts, midi skirt…)

3.      It has to be pretty neutral, in order for it to embrace every style, depending on your outfit, AGAIN

Then again, for those of you who like to rock the same style and color theme every day, well, your life has just become way easier. For those like myself, who like to change their style in function to their mood, … well it is a bit more challenging.

So here is what we can have:

1.      The fur coat à the outfit’s focus will definitively be on the furry coat, which is quite heavy and already kitsch. Attention: do not add too much accessory, or you will look like a fashion victim. It brings out a very specific style; the ‘’cool-chic’’.
2.      The wrap around coat à definitively an elegant style! I personally think this coat could go with any style! BUT this style could easily look like a bathrobe, and especially, the cut is tricky and can look bad depending on how well it fits you! Advice: make sure you try it beforehand and pick the correct size!
3.      The classic trench coat à cute as always and perfect cut on everyone, you might get sick of this cut, as it is very simple and has its own style.
4.      The long simple and warm coat à I must say, I am not sure how to call this one, but I think it looks very nice and cozy if you combine it well. However, it can quickly look like you are wearing a bathrobe, so make sure to add some shine or glitter in it to make it look elegant.

5.      ‘’Specific style coat ‘’à I just love them! They are the prettiest but also the ones that will probably get out of style the fastest! The only problem now, is if it is mid height, wearing a skirt with it might not always look good! The disadvantage is that there is only a small number of styles you can rock with such a specific coat, which already has its own style!

Once you’ve found the perfect cut for yourself, it’s time to choose the color:

·       Beige
·       Orange – brown
·       Red
·       Brown
·       Black
·       Navy
·       Turquoise
·       Dark green

Choosing the color depends on a variety of small factors such as your hair color, favorite bag or favorite hat, everyday pair of shoe and mood as well! A darker color will be less joyful than for example a lighter color, like beige. Red, orange-brown or turquoise might be too bright and hard to fit with other colors (these colors might be too risky). Then again, a light color like beige does not fit with a big variety of colors either, as it is ‘’too plain’’!

To conclude, if you are someone whose closet has very similar colors, try chosing a color coat that suits the shades of color in your closet. If you are someone who has a variety of bright colors, perhaps you should stick with black. Or, last but not least, you could choose a coat which defines the ‘’theme’’ of you everyday outfits this winter!

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