Colors of fall

Yes, last post I did was about coats, WINTER coats and guess what, I did end up purchasing a coat, a robe coat. Trust me, I have been everywhere looking for the perfect winter coat, researching on the Internet for several hours. However,
as surprising as it may appear, in the very few shops and brands the Swiss country offers, I found THE coat I was looking for! However as it is Zara, I know a lot might be wearing the exact same one. So, I decided to give it a ‘’personal touch’’ and make it shorter! I am always so complicated and specific when it comes to clothing! Anyways, I will pick it up tomorrow, I am so excited about it and can’t wait to write a post and shoot some photos wearing it!
Now, let’s get back to this post. Now that it is coming to an end, I am already feeling a bit nostalgic about last fall! Indeed, this year, we really were spoilt with the colors fall gave us! So here is a ‘’special post’’, as I wanted to share these really nice photos of the nature and the vineyards surrounding, and, in our small villages, along with this very beautiful dress I will talk to you about!
Ever come to Switzerland? Ever been to Geneva or Lausanne? Ever been to one of these small villages where I come from and in which beautiful vineyards, forests, lakes and nature inhabit? And what about Ouchy, down by the lake in Lausanne?
Well, if you do come for a visit, perhaps you might want to visit Ouchy, with its spectacular view, hotel, food, but especially to see one very unique boutique at the corner, behind the ‘’Château d’Ouchy’’! Ma&Manka. Yes, this is one very special shop, which from far seemed already very inviting to me! As soon as I stepped in, I felt as if I were stepping in my very own treasure box! Indeed, it has jewelry, great gifts, but especially a very nice collection and pieces of clothing! But what they have are not brands you see, what they have are small and modest creators with very interesting backgrounds who design such wonderful dresses just like the one in this post! Each piece of clothing, bag or accessory being very special, unique and original in their own way!
So here is one example of the dresses they sell! A beautiful hand made silk gown! What I love about this dress is that it’s cut is original and elegant, modest shapes and probably fits well on every type of body! The color is discreet and the decoration adds a sophisticated touch allowing you to wear it during fancy summer parties! It especially reminds me of a typical Greek Goddess dress!

Well, hopefully, this will not be the last piece of clothing of this shop I feature in a post! Make sure to pay them a visit, I can assure you, you will not be disappointed. In addition, whatever you buy there will be a great souvenir and you will always think back to that small shop you entered in Ouchy!

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