Winter Secrets

Layers, layers, layers, they say! At least, that is what is read in the magazines! 
Do you ever wonder how, 1st of all, all these bloggers ”aren’t” cold even wearing beautiful outfits in the snow, and 2nd of all, how in the world do you combine a bunch of tops to create layers, and still look good?

Well here it is; the technique does not change from the one in summer. Pick the ”main” item or piece of clothing you are willing to wear, and then, just accessorise it! This way, you avoid looking like a fashion victim mixing up a bunch of colours, textiles, styles and what not 😉
In my case, I chose the black sweater with beautiful beads from H&M. In order not to be fully naked underneath that piece at -5 C°, I decided to wear a simply house and giving the sweater a little touch of ”col claudette”! Then, this beautiful fur jacket, which really is practical as it matches with several pieces of clothing and colours, giving each outfit a unique style! Simple jewellery are enough to do the trick, and not ”overdo” the outfit, as it already has fur and sparkle on the sleeves! I would prefer keeping a balance around there! Last but not least, the pants and the shoes! Well this was very easy, I only had 2 pairs of pants and 2 pairs of shoes that week (one of them being UGG boots!, just for the comfort)! Simple shoes and pants that are not black just like the sweater, but of a grey colour that blends in well with colour theme as well as its discreet leathery shine!

I hope you enjoyed this articles and won’t freeze during this ”cold” winter! If you have any other ideas, don’t mind sharing! I am counting on you, as the next article will reveal an other secret! 

Sweater: H&M
Blouse: MANGO
Fur Jacket: don’t know – BUT can be found anywhere
Pants: ZARA

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