As you might already guessed, I am, indeed, obsessed with red!
So here is just one simple look with a dress, again, that I ordered from Tobi! I really like this dress as it is quite a dark red. The color is closer to burgundy, like wine! Instead of it being really bright, you can easily wear this dress during the winter time for a party or when you feel like wearing a light/summerish dress, just because you are sick of wearing these heavy, warm, winter textiles! Indeed, I would say this dress is pretty summerish as it has an open back and short sleeves!
I combined it with my beloved over the knee boots, as the dress is more of a skater skirt, which is actually pretty short, showing those legs makes the ‘’cute skaterskirt dress’’ a little more sexy! Obviously, it is winter as well, so the more you can cover yourself, the better! Switzerland can be so cold!
As you can see, I hardly NEVER miss an opportunity to wear a hat! This pretty hat was perfect for the outfit! I was glad to wear it as I rarely find the occasion! I thought a touch of grey was just enough to ‘’smooth out’’ the outfit, and make it look less sharp/dark! That way I also made my ‘’party dress’’, more of a day outfit!
As for the jewelry, I chose not to have anything too fancy! Indeed, the hat already has its own details & gems and the dress has a golden zipper at the back! Since I have quite long hair, we can not really see the earrings I wore! These earrings on the other hand are quite bling bling! But as the color of the gem is the same as the dress, it made it a little more discreet, but still adding a little shine to the outfit! My lipstick as well, matches the entire outfit!

I hope you enjoyed this look that I shot during one of those very dull days in Switzerland!

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