I just realized you guys hardly know anything about me! This is why, this blog post will be all about me, myself and I!
Origins; I am quite a melting pot! Indeed, I come from 3 different countries, in 3 different continents! Asia, South-America and Europe! I will let you guess which countries exactly 😉 However, as you know, the culture I can most relate myself to is Switzerland!
Where I think I come from; honestly, I think I could be quite a Londoner and you will soon discover why!
In a few sentences; so born and raised in Switzerland, you can call me Clari. Ever since I was little, my passion was playing the piano and dancing (ballet, contemporary and modern)! I would say I am a pretty outgoing person! I am always busy and have a very tight schedule! I like to balance my life between my hobbies, social life, family and career! Helping people is also something I like to do a lot and which takes a lot of my time.
Dreams; be the events coordinator or manager working behind the curtains of fashionweek, have my own brand, enter the fashion industry world perhaps in marketing, travel and inspire a LOT of people. ’’Follow your passion’’, they say, yes cheesy quote #1. BUT, after all, I figured, if I will be thinking about fashion for the next 50 years of my life, why not just make a career out of it?! 
Reality; I have enrolled to my dream university school at the Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne in September 2015. Tick to that! That is already one big dream of mine that succeeded! My 2nd big dream that is happening at the moment right now, surprise, surprise…is to live in London! Indeed, I have just moved to London where I will be spending my 2ndsemester working at my dream hotel! These 6 months will also enable me to focus more on my blog, starting…now!
Goals; writing about life and fashion is a huge part of me. It is a way of inspiring others just like they inspired me! Let’s not get on the hipster side, but YOLO means a lot to me! I strive in doing the best out of life and of the opportunities I encounter, which explains my ultimately busy life! I would say my life goal is to transfer my happiness, joy and positivity to others by magically putting a smile on their face through my own smile. Have you ever heard the quote; ‘’Smile and the world will smile back’’? Yes, you can say I am cheesy, again, but there are a few quotes in life that just really seem to reveal the truth!
And there you go! I think with this description you get quite an idea about who I am.
P.S: BLOG; I have so many ambitions and ideas for my blog, and I really hope they will happen in these next few months to come (in LDN)!
Photo: taken at my new studio in Shoreditch
All items: little stuff that symbolise me and allow me to value life by leaving a trace of myself behind

Notebook: that’s where my passion for life goes, IKEA (I know, how great is it! I called it ‘’The Guide to living in London, by Clarissa’’)
Apple: I want the apple to continue falling from the tree
Polaroid fujifilm: creating memories on the moment
Hope: believe in yourself to see yourself climbing up the ladder
Tiara: how my passion for fashion started (I used to have 1 tiara for every colour and match it with my outfit, blue with blue, pink with pink…!)
Purse ‘‘Sac à tout”: purse that’s got EVERYTHING inside it! And ”cupcakes” well that’s just part of my life! I remind people of cupcakes, friends buy me cupcakes, everyone think I am cupcake fan! Actually, I just think they really look good! (better than what they taste ;))

Yours sincerely,

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