A/W 2016 FW, sorry what…? PARIS FASHION WEEK

‘’Le Rouge Is Good, you are cordially invited to enjoy the best of Paris Fashion Week’’. Yes, those were the words! Out of nowhere, I received a totally unexpected e-vite for not only the Paris Fashion Week, but Berlin & New York as well! Unfortunately, I could not make it to either Berlin or NY, but I made sure to go to Paris & this will be the article about my 3-day experience over there!
So in the midst of my  début in living alone, in London, struggling with cooking, grocery shopping, administrative papers, Google maps, money, new job and…well, you name it, basically life itself! I found myself on my way to Paris in the Eurostar, exciting right?! (I must say though, I am fully embracing what we call a student’s life!).
Indeed, straight out of bed at 4 AM, at 9AM I was strolling around in Paris, wandering off, dragging my small suitcase behind me, holding the handbag, umbrella & the phone, I somehow ended up in the Shopstyle Social House! (thanks Google Maps!). Ironically enough, some friends back in London asked me to bring back some good weather…however, I feel like I did the exact opposite when it snowed the whole night in Paris & the sun & blue sky magically appeared in London.
Well, besides the very cold temperatures, my journey in Paris started off pretty nicely! Indeed, whilst Mavala analyzed & did my nails so perfectly, I overheard an interesting talk between 4 entrepreneurs talking about career in the fashion industry. After that, I enjoyed some yummy snacks & got my hair done! To resume I was pampered the entire weekend! Between having a private chauffeur, my make up & nails done, picking out outfits from the Showroom, being photographed, getting a bunch of goodies & what not! But, meeting other bloggers was definitely the highlight of my trip! I spent a lot of time chatting with inspirational, unique & diverse bloggers who taught me so many different things!
To conclude, although I did not actually see any shows or expos, I am so grateful for having been able to take part of the Paris Fashion Week, which really opened my eyes to new dreams & new goals in life! So hopefully, that is just the 1st fashionweek out of many that I will go to!
P.S: Some looks of my trip in Paris will appear very soon, but in the meantime…enjoy!
Here are just a few photos of my 3-day trip in Paris. Shame on me, these photos aren’t entirely mine, but hey, they look so good, they had to be on my blog!!! These photos were taken by the talented ‘’The Styleograph for Shopstyle Social House’’.

Xx Clari

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