Paris Fashion Week – The 2 Must Have items when travelling light!

As I was only at Paris Fashion Week for a short length of stay of 3 days, I will only be posting 3 of my major looks I chose for that weekend, starting with this one I wore on the first day there!

Yes, I am at Avenue des Champs-Elysées, and yes, it is sunny, yet I am there wearing my long robe winter coat (looking like a tourist).
Let me first highlight the fact that I am a person who feels cold very easily, as you have probably noticed it in all my posts! (I am at least layering or wearing a pair of tights or leggings under!). But, the main reason why I was there with that long winter coat was due to the fact that when you live in London…well you never really know what to expect! So I made sure I was nice and warm the moment I stepped out my door at 4AM! It was also one of the last opportunities I got to wear it and have it photographed before hiding it in a box somewhere until next winter!

As it is quite long, you can unfortunately not really see what I am wearing under there, but it allows me to talk about the 2 main items I had to pick for a short trip to Paris with little luggage to carry along! There are 2 must have items that should always be at the top of the list when packing; bags & shoes. Indeed, I chose to take this pair of black high boots along with me as it really goes with a lot of different outfits and are really easy to walk in (especially in Paris!!!). As for the bag, to go along with the gold zipper of the shoes but especially cuz I just fancy gold too much, I of course ‘’invited’’ my Prada black saffiano bag to come have a visit in Paris as well! Again, it is black, fits a camera, is very organized, resists any type of weather, has zippers and you name it, a perfect city bag!

You might also have noticed, my hair! I wish to highlight how sad I am to inform you I will never be able to recreate this haircut on my own! Thanks to the amazing hairdressing team at the Shopstyle Social House, they really pampered me and did a great job on my long hair!

I hope you enjoyed this post, make sure you have a look at the look II at Paris Fashion Week!

Xx Clari

(read more to see all the photos)

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