Paris Fashion Week – Look I & a splash of orange


As I promised you a second look of the Paris Fashion Week; here is the all black with a splash of orange outfit I wore! Indeed, when you come out of the winter season, all is still in the very dark colors and mood. But at the start of the month of March, that’s when you really start taking out those bright colors you’ve been wanting and waiting to wear since the end of last summer!
I must confess though that the pair of pants I am wearing does look quite shiny, black and leathery. However, it was more of a grey pair of pants and just a little shiny! I guess there was a lot of light that day! Now you know that I was not entirely black, as the grey was there to ‘’soften’’ the look a little! I know I could’ve worn the black high boots I told you about on the previous post, however it would have looked a little to hard core and heavy to my taste. So I combined the look with this beautiful pair of stilettos, still black and dark but open shoes allowing to show just a little bit of my skin! To be very honest with you, I just couldn’t wait to wear them as it was too cold and ‘’out of the season’’ to be wearing them in February! I even think I picked that look in function of these heels! I just really love the new ‘’lacy’’ shoes trend, you will see me wearing a lot of lace this summer very probably! The hairdressing team made quite a long braid for me as I wanted it to ‘’match’’ my shoes!
I hope you enjoyed this look & make sure to keep up with the III and last look of the Paris Fashion Week as that one was definitely my favorite!
Xx, Clari

These photos were taken by the talented ‘’The Styleograph for Shopstyle Social House’’.
(click read more to see the photos!)

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