Paris Fashion Week – Look II Floral for All

To my dearest readers,
And here we are finally with the last look from the Paris Fashion Week which is my ultimate favorite one.
Is it not crazy how floral alwaaaayscomes back to fashion? It’s funny cuz every winter I look at my floral clothes

and think how I will never be able to wear them again as it won’t look good anymore! But somehow, florals are always back! Why do you think they always come back? Is it because it is so girly, or because it just makes us happy and expresses our spring/summer mood? Well, I must say, although florals often come back, I have noticed they always come back but with different patterns and colors, making the other floral clothes a little out of season unfortunately. Indeed, they might be bigger, brighter, smaller, greener! However, let me remind how you can always find a solution in restyling old clothes to today’s trend by adding some accessories or the good items to it, so do NOT yet abandon your florals from 2015!

Anyway, I shall not complain as it is really easy to wear and combine floral pieces and, I must confess, it does put me in a good and girly mood! No one really gets sick of it as there are soooo many different floral patterns you can have, and you might not often come across someone having the exact same pattern, making your look really unique (unlike the sailor pattern).
As I said, easy to wear and easy to combine. On this look, I felt like having more of a pastel spring look but still keeping some bright and black tones, mixing up winter and summer colors! But that is just what I felt like doing on that day, cuz as you can see, the skirt has a lot of colors! I could have also worn a dark green top, gold bag, white shoes, orange bag or even a red hat! It really depends on your mood, wardrobe, weather, … This is exactly why a floral midi skirt is a must have item for this spring/ summer season as it really allows you to be so creative with it!
I wonder if this also happens to you, but when it does to me, I get really frustrated and especially late! I like to prepare my outfit the day before and sometimes there is one piece of clothing I really want to wear this week such as this midi skirt for example! But sometimes when I wake up in the morning, I’m not in the mood of wearing the outfit I chose, or the weather does not allow me to or for any other reason, but I still want to wear this midi skirt! So what do I do? Well, that’s easy, this skirt just goes with at least 65% of my wardrobe! And this is why these types of clothes are a must have!
I hope you enjoyed this article and that you will be playing around with your floral clothes within the next 5 minutes!
Xx, Clari
P.S: These photos were taken by the talented ‘’The Styleograph for Shopstyle Social House’’.

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