Chronicles of Cinque Terre

The 1st thing you want to know about the Cinque Terre is that it really is not easy to plan ahead. Indeed, there is not much information on Internet and you will find out that most of it is either wrong or too old.
On our 1st day there, after our long 9-hour trip, Yannick and myself freshened up & decided to explore our little village. We walked down to the harbor and up a hill from where we could see the 3 other villages (Corniglia, Vernazza & Monterosso). There was a beautiful path there, a playground and even some benches where we sat to watch the sunset whilst I wrote in my diary! On that little hill was a cliff and huge rocks where people could lie down, tan and even jump into the sea if it was not too windy! It was a very quiet place and few people were there which was very pleasant! On the other side of the hill where you had a panoramic view over Manarola, was an amazing restaurant with an amazing view and with amazing food (amazing music as well)! I would HIGHLY recommend anyone to go there!! This really is a place you must go have a drink if you happen to be in Manarola (‘’Nessundormacinqueterre’’ it’s called).
As we were both prepared and excited to go hiking, we found out that the ‘’Via D’ell Amore’’ (it goes to Riomaggiore), the ‘’Walk of Love’’ had actually been closed for 2 years and will probably reopen in only 2 years! That was quite unfortunate but the first few meters of the trail were still open so we had a walk there and discovered some very steep stairs that led us to a huge cliff where we sat there the entire morning in the soft breeze, listening to the noise of the waves!
As I said earlier, most of the information in Internet is NOT updated! Indeed, as we could not go on the trail of love we decided to go on the trail leading us to the other village, Corniglia. So we went up the Manarola village and followed the directions to Corniglia. The view was fantastic and we were walking in the middle of the vineyards! We then realized that the trail was also closed & we ended up on the hill where we had watched the sunset on our 1st day there!

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