Chronicles of Cinque Terre – Vernazza


Vernazza, known to be the most touristic one. True, it is quite crowded and more expensive in terms of dining, yet it really is quite romantic and mesmerizing. Again, there is not much to see, but beware of jelly fish over there and make sure you go strolling through the little streets. Do not fear dead ends or getting lost, because that is how you’ll find the nicest hidden places where you can have a breathtaking view like this photo above! I would advise you to go there around 4-5 PM when the tourists are leaving and you can still have a look at the typical shops, walk around the harbour and witness the sun setting from the big church by the harbour. The sunset is splendid as the sun rays trespass the thick trees and forest on the hill by the port. Following the sunset, take the time to chose which restaurant you want have dinner in and make sure to book. In the meantime, enjoy a happy hour. This is the perfect activity if you want enjoy a nice quiet and romantic evening after a long day.Ā 

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