Winter feelings – the Mountain Essentials


For all those of you who often find themselves up in the mountains, in the cold and snowy weather, isn’t it always a headache to pack? Ski clothes taking the entire space of the boot of your car, scarves messing up your hair, those old and dirty snow boots and what more? Yeah, basically, when we’re in the mountains, we don’t look really sexy. Unless you have amazing fur, Bogner or Montcler coats, obviously you probably look amazingly luxurious. But, what about just a simple and mountainy (as in cosy & WARM) look? if that’s what you’re aiming for, this post is just for you!

The winter outfits that we are used to wearing in town just won’t cut it, and you definitely don’t want to freeze your asses off! So here are some tips and tricks to make sure you’re all set for a little trip to the mountains that is not extremely sporty or luxurious!

  • Get sunglasses – the sun is extremely strong and can really harm your eyes, and sunglasses just makes everything look so much more stylish!
  • Have like 37489 pairs of tights – transparent and thick ones, along with a black pair of leggings. If you don’t want to freeze, this is the best way to cheat and keep your legs warm. And if you do happen to go clubbing and want to wear a dress, go for the black leggings, remove them when you get there (discretely).
  • Don’t forget the high knee socks – it’s always a WIN!
  • Make sure the sweaters, dresses or pieces of item you take are actual good quality fabrics such as ; wool, tweed, velvet, leather, fur etc…. trust me the choice of material does make a difference!
  • Have huge thick socks, wool gloves and a good cap, the extremities are always colder as there is not much blood running through.
  • Don’t go crazy over jewellery – with the tons of layers you will have, no one will see! So focus more on pieces of clothing that have more glitter , patterns or that make a statement.

  • In my opinion, keep it dull. Don’t bring your fluo pink long sleeve along with you. That’s just a fashion faux pas, as you are completely out of context. Instead, go for the darker shades, dark green, navy, brown, camel etc
  • Always have a gilet. This is worth the money! The most popular ones lately are the ones from UNIQLO. They work like magic. Light to pack and easy to wear, just put it over your sweaters, under your coat and it’ll keep your body temperature warm. On top of that, it looks quite cool and sporty even if you just wear it like that.

And then, just select all items that you can find to layer, layer and layer! Hope this helped!

Xx, Clari

Check out the “Winter secrets” article for more tips!







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