Black pants to a whole new level

screen-shot-2017-02-07-at-13-15-12-pngDo you ever have the weakness to always go for the same old choice of color, black? No wonder; easy to wear, easy to fit with all colors, works in the winter and the summer, makes you look skinnier, and what not! But what about that moment when you open your wardrobe and find a dozen of black pants, all skinnies (and maybe even some that are wearing off t and becoming grey)? Yes, they’re all ‘’same same, but different’’ (expression I have just learnt from my experience in the night market of Luang Prabang, Laos, where I am writing from just now!). I understand the choice of color, yet doesn’t it get boring though? To always have the same outfits because black pants are the only pair that look good/decent?

Here’s the solution. Have a dozen pair of black pants, but have a variety of cuts or styles each time. Use the worn out pants to DIY them (cut them and wear them during festivals or parties, it won’t matter if you ruin them as they’re already worn out!). Buy different cuts, styles, graphics, fabrics! They will all turn out to be useful at some point, because the different styles can be worn for different events. Moreover, this is what will make your look unique. It won’t just be a pair of black pants anymore, but a whole new level!

To illustrate this example, here is this beautiful pair from Marks & Spencer’s. I had the opportunity to pick a piece from the Showroom of Shopstyle Social House, during A/W Paris Fashion Week. This piece has great cut (high wasted, wide-legged) and can be worn in winter (with black leggings under) or summer (as a matter of fact, I wore it to visit the Buddhist Temples during my stay in Laos), and the fabric is of great quality. I like to call them my ‘’air-conditioning pants’’, referring to the discreet cut where the side-leg shows.

Xx, Clari

P.S: the perks of this method is that you can purchase good unique items and wear them for at least a decade thanks to their quality and ‘’out-of-trend’’ style (once the skinny trend is out, it’s out and you won’t wear it anymore, or it’s bad quality).

Photos taken by Marco Mori


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