I dare you to make me stop laughing

I am often told to be quite the positive person. Cheerful, joyful and always smiling, that’s because; ‘’I chose to smile’’. But that’s a whoole other story and not today’s topic.

Did you know that you can lose 2000 calories if you laugh the entire day?


  • Am I always laughing? Yes. If I can laugh at 8 AM before the exam I feared the most among 8 others, is that I am a pretty happy person right?
  • Do people get nagged because of that, or comment on it? Yes, but haters gonna hate, too bad for them, at least I’m having the time of my life. They are shadowed by negative clouds.
  • Is laughing essential ? YEEEEEES. It means you’re happy, so you have your mind at peace, you sleep well, you work well, you study well, you enjoy life more, basically, you achieve more. Moreover it has positive impact on the people around you.
  • It’s contagious; if you laugh, everyone laughs. So smile to the world and the world will smile back.
  • And for the scientific part, it is said  ‘’releases tension, lowers anxiety, boosts the immune system, and aids circulation.’’ (Psychology Today)

So welcome to the first article of the ‘’When Life Gets You Series’’. This series of articles will be further explained on its main page, yet, I thought I’d start by introducing this chapter with a small topic, which is ‘’laughter’’. The reason why I chose to start with this subject is because I’ll often be revolving around the theme of happiness, which is quite broad and complex. To make it short, I would like to highlight and encourage the importance of laughter throughout life. Though you can not force yourself to laugh if there is nothing to laugh about, there are some changes you can do in the way you perceive things, life and how you decide to endure it. It is all a matter of perspective taking, which I will further elaborate in other texts.

To wrap it up, I was not always such a laughing chimpanzee, but many people often pointed out the fact that I seem to laugh a lot, hence, that I am a happy person. And trust me, no one can make me stop laughing. I have my wall of China, which does not let any negativity trespass it. So you know, I am always laughing and smiling. And now, it’s your turn to laugh!

Xx, Clari

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