Why leopard prints are a must in your closet



It never gets old, it’s a classic!

Let me elaborate; although animal prints are often disregarded, unless you are an all animal print lover and only buy that, you don’t have to be Lady Gaga to wear this sort of print. And even if I agree that wearing such prints can be connoted as vulgar, sexy, cheap , not animal-friendly or just ’’too much’’, there are many ways to make it look sophisticated (using faux prints).

Let us go back in time and maybe, take a look at your grandmother’s closet or photos…

Indeed, whether it is the silent generation or Tom Cruise’s daughter rocking a leopard printed item, here’s my opinion; they definitely know how to unleash their wild side!

Rules apply:

  • know that if you do opt for leopard, this will be the main focus of your outfit!
  • just have one animal printed item or clothing at a time… you are not a jungle
  • do NOT mix it up with glitter, lace, embroidery, velvet etc… again, let’s avoid being a fashion victim
  • suede, a tiny bit of lace or ripped pants is acceptable (thumbs up), but keep it discreet
  • have fun with it!

Mix and match! So many colors look good with leopard; mustard, gold, jeans, white, brown, black, red, orange, dark green, navy, pastel pink etc… And this can be the perfect outfit to spice up an outfit to go out, or to make it look more vintage and classic for a special event, or just for a fun day in town!

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