8 tips to be more productive & get things done


Did you ever measure the hours you spend on Facebook or any other social media? Shameful no? Do you ever wish you had more than 24 hours a day because you’re such a busy bee? Do you have trouble focusing on your work, ticking that to-do-list (laundry, cleaning, projects, DIY’s etc)?

Sometimes, life is a struggle. Yet, what you might not know, is that there are a lot little things you can do in order to tick your to-do-list, be more productive, hence, feel satisfied from what you managed to do in just one little hour. Time flies when you’re on social media. Instead of watching useless animations, that precious time could be spent more wisely doing other stuff. So here are a few useful tips that have proven to be quite effective to my relatives, friends and to myself.

  1. Get your working clothes on

Although it might not seem like it, trust me it is one of the most effective ways to get things done. Feeling clean, fresh and professional (yet still comfortable, blazer NOT required), it will immediately put you into a more serious work atmosphere.

  1. Oxygen & light

Make sure you have enough fresh air to oxygenate your brain, which will increase your blood flow, hence allow the neurons to generate energy to function optimally. Natural light helps you to focus better by taking little breaks to look out the window. It is also much healthier for the eyes and can boost your mood.

  1. Exercise

Again, exercising increases blood flow. It is scientifically proven, written anywhere and highly encouraged to practice sports or even just do a bit of yoga or walk. Though you might think you are wasting your time, you are actually increasing your productivity as a consequence. Sport releases stress and makes you feel good about yourself.

  1. Have a clutter-free room or desk

Yes. Maybe you’re not such a tidiness or orderly freak like me, yet it truly makes a difference when your desk or room look clean, or almost, impeccable! It is such a headache to see the mess that is surrounding you waiting to be tidied. So, start by having a clutter-free environment.

  1. Go to a café or park

Changing the atmosphere is always good and forces you to go out and be surrounded by people. Always being lonely can often be a heavy load depending on your personality of course. On top of that, if you lack ideas or need to be creative, it can often inspire you by watching other people walk around or even share your ideas with strangers or the barista!

  1. Indulge in good foods

Preferably go for a healthy café or juice bar. It is said that eating unhealthy foods can often provoke negative secondary effects such as your mood. It can also be quite a distraction, as they are full of products that make addictive and you end up eating the whole pack and feeling quite bad… So, enjoy a nice salad or a juice, which in turn will make you feel good about yourself, hence work really well. The happier you are, the more motivated and successful you become!

  1. Choose the music wisely

This step really depends on what works for you. I would advice to listen to music that is motivating or happy, not sad! If you still have not created your own playlist such as ‘’study chill’’, ‘’happy music’’ etc, you can try typing ‘’Epic Music’’ on Youtube or ‘’Relaxing Music’’, whatever suits you best! As for me, the La la land soundtrack was playing on and on for my entire period of revision sessions (and as a consequence, I knew all the songs by heart before the movie was released, oops!).

  1. Set a timer for each task

It is kind of a challenge but at the same time, make sure you do not underestimate the time for each task. This will make you stress if you are delayed and as a result you will end up doing the task half way and pass on to the next.

Hope this helps!

Xx, Clari

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