The boyfriend pants & a touch of embroidery

“Denim will never go out of style’’, Career Girl Daily.


Denim pants have just stepped up their game; it was boyfriend pants a few years back, and now, introducing the embroidered denim, take a look at what I’ve got to share with you on this article 😉

Boyfriend pants have been in for quite some years now. Though they look awesome & stylish, it surely is time to upgrade them.

They give an edge to our look, yet it is a little harder to combine it & I understand it has most likely become a tiring & repetitive look. But don’t give them away yet, cuz 2017 trends has just opened a new door to them! Yes, stickers, patches & embroidery are everywhere, in all possible stores! Time to give that edgy look a bit more color & fun! Perfect for spring, you can now play around with your colourful items.

As for this look, which I chose to wear for the Paris Fashion – very rainy – Week, I added the blazer of course, to give some class to the sloppy playful pants. My ultimate favorite green Furla bag obviously had to be a part of this look (it matches the cactus perfectly! Yes, as usual, color coordination is key to legit, all my outfits!). Concerning the accessories, I thought it was just the right opportunity to throw my vintage Céline belt on I received from my Grandmother’s closet & my super cool modern, but vintage looking, ray bans! After all, Fashion Week, is all about celebrating fashion and all the different trends throughout the years!





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