The sequinned mini


It’s about time to jump into the spring pieces. Since a year now the mini tube skirt is back. Once again, it is only reviving, but this time, unlike in the 1990’s, the minis are designed in all sorts of fabric. From leather, to denim, button down, patchwork, suede and even embroidery, only the trim remains the same.

It’s all about the statement. No need of excessive jewelry or accessories anymore to make a statement, like 5 years ago. The skirt itself says it all.

The entire outfit revolves around this one piece of clothing. One might say that it makes the outfit limited, as fluo yellow is not an easy color to combine. Yet, let us be reminded that spring is all about colors and I, am all about colors, I can’t hide that side of me. Although there are limited shades to pair yellow fluo with, there is enough space to play around with other trims and fabrics such as a cut out white top and black leather boots (I said it is spring, not summer, hence why we should stick to the waterproof shoes, just to stay safe)! Next, the green Furla bag. The outfit shouldn’t just remain yellow, black and white…that would be too boring. Though my aim was not to look like a sunflower (yellow, black and green), it was the only bag I had with me back there in Paris!

Other colors such as burgundy (I would avoid the red, that’s for McDonald’s), dark or baby blue, purple and stripes work as well. And there you go! So don’t be afraid to go for sequinned or fluos, it is  time of the year to wear them.




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