How to: be less sleepy in 10 simple steps

”I woke up like this” – wait, no, that’s a lie.

Since exactly one week, one of my close friends has been requesting me EVERY single day to give him advice on how to be less sleepy. Apparently, my ‘’8 tips to being more productive & tick off the to-do-list’’ just aren’t enough for his daily life at school. As mentioned previously, I am a busy bee, and sometimes I do wonder how it is that I manage to still be awake. I think I might be a little hyper. Anyway, that’s not the point! The point is, it is exactly 11:15 PM on Sunday night and his late night texts shouting out for help have inspired me to write this article.


So, how do you have a beauty sleep? This is quite a complex topic; whether you have insomnias, or despite having slept 8 hours, you still don’t seem to be waking up! I will not elaborate on the insomnias, yet if you want some advice, I suggest to listen to calming music found on YouTube (relaxing music), breathing veeeery slowly, opening a book to read, writing in your diary, opening the window and avoiding black tea or singing before going to bed.

So more specifically, how do I fight sleepiness? First of all, we all, individuals, function differently. I, for instance, know that I have a fast metabolism, meaning that my body will soak up all my energy to digest immediately after having had some carbs, sugar or proteins. Thus, having no energy, I literally need a 30-minute nap and am absolutely unable to focus in class. As I have 3 times statistics class and macroeconomics after lunch, I make sure to just have a light lunch (salad or the 5 snacks per day policy), without starving, of course. So here’s my first tip; know how your body functions and plan your day around that. Following that, here are little things you can do that actually make a difference (you can trust me on this, I have personally experienced it and all that is written here has been backed up with research as well).

  1. Avoid eating too much sugar, carbs or proteins before an important class
  2. DON’T SKIP YOUR BREAKFAST!!!!! (my favorite meal of the day). Or any other meals. Honestly, you haven’t eaten in like 10 hours! Why do you make yourself go through hell by skipping breakfast? And remember food = energy.
  3. JUICES! Fresh juices = fresh fruits = vitamins. The logical continuity of this equation would be vitamins= healthy. But wait, don’t forget that vitamins are healthy because they BOOST your immune system, hence your energy. AND if you like having sour drinks like me (strawberry, orange and lemon, my ultimate favorite) you can be sure that the sourness will wake you up!
  4. Take a cold shower (obviously, I don’t do that, but go for it, if you’re up to it)
  5. Don’t take the bus, WALK. Fresh air and cold weather WILL wake you up. Or do 10 minutes of exercise in the morning, trust me, as controversial as it sounds, it actually boosts your energy through the increase of flow in your blood.
  6. Have a smashing playlist.
  7. Avoid energy drinks, it’s just sugar. As if that industrial thing will suddenly and unnaturally wake up your entire body. The planet has provided us with foods that adapt and complement our bodies, consume those natural substances instead of commercial products. Drink cold water & add magnesium or other types of supplements if needed.
  8. Stop telling yourself you’re tired. Remember, it’s psychological. Our brain is insane and so is our body. We can handle WAAAAAY more than what you think (I mean, how did the homo sapiens survive always running after animals for food?!)
  9. Get on with your to do list.
  10. It’s psychological, coffee doesn’t actually work (well it’s a controversial topic), but if you think it works, then DRINK!

I know these are small things. But from my experience, it DOES make a difference.

Xx, Clari

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