Surviving a week you know you might not survive – 8 tips


Here is the profile data; you are a student or you have a job, you have on average a minium of 5 meetings per week, you multitask and you’re not too bad at it, you are organized or not, yet somehow things seem to keep coming to you, asking for you, needing you… and, you end up having to postpone constantly due to priorities, priorities, priorities… well ain’t that a nice word that resonates well in your head?

So here’s to you, cheers! If you are Obama or you have an ‘’agenda de ministre’’ like some like to say, or what I call a ‘’busy bee’’, welcome to my world cuz you are not on your own!

I know you only have 2 minutes to read this article, as you probably have better things to do, but stay, don’t go now! Read me through!

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The classic monochrome AKA 50 shades of grey



Synonym of elegance, vintage, Chanel-like, Paris, but most of all CLASSIC. As timeless as it is, the combination of black & white is one of the ultimate favorites. Their blend, which together create the ‘’shades of grey’’ is the go-to look whenever you don’t feel like being too colorful. It works in all seasons, it’s easy to accessorize AND it looks good in any type of body! (and any type of hair color and skin color and lipstick and hat and eye shadow and I think almost anythiiing!).

Inspired by the transition between winter and spring, this outfit has the velvet grey hat (winter), a pair of black simple shorts (spring) and black tights to go with it (winter). The perfect look for a chilly, yet sunny day in London.

Xx, Clari