Upgrade your denim game

As always, Spring, is again, screaming for florals and colors! But this time, they are being seen on denim, bags, shoes and all kinds of different accessories! Wait, does that not remind you of 2000? Denim jackets & flowers!


Again, florals are not just a trend, they are a CLASSIC. Yet, this time, there is an Asian twist to these beautiful flowers…

So, what’s cool about it?

The pro’s

  • It’s fun, so you can wear it on a casual day just like for a party
  • It can look quite classy depending on how you choose to accessorize it
  • You can match any color with it, allowing you to always update or modify the outfit!
  • It’s discreet
  • It’s jeans
  • It’s edgy, cute, classic, innocent or fancy (due to the Asian style)
  • And, it’s effortlessly stylish

The con’s

~ blank ~

Hello. There are no cons. Embroidered pants is the ultimate creative look of the year!

Now, get your scissors, your needles & your good old patches out, it’s time to DIY!

Photography: Charles Gensollen & Bastien Stucki







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