Surviving a week you know you might not survive – 8 tips


Here is the profile data; you are a student or you have a job, you have on average a minium of 5 meetings per week, you multitask and you’re not too bad at it, you are organized or not, yet somehow things seem to keep coming to you, asking for you, needing you… and, you end up having to postpone constantly due to priorities, priorities, priorities… well ain’t that a nice word that resonates well in your head?

So here’s to you, cheers! If you are Obama or you have an ‘’agenda de ministre’’ like some like to say, or what I call a ‘’busy bee’’, welcome to my world cuz you are not on your own!

I know you only have 2 minutes to read this article, as you probably have better things to do, but stay, don’t go now! Read me through!

As people often ask me; how do you handle all this? Music rehearsals, dance rehearsals, golf competitions, a blog, studies, committees, trying to earn a salary by doing extras, balancing my social life and my family… Well I just do it, and here’s how.

When I know I will have one of those weeks where I am overbooked, meetings over meetings and 24 hours per day, clearly are not enough, my trick is:

  • Make the list of priorities & anticipate
  • Sleep enough the week before
  • Believe in yourself, because to be honest, we are human beings, young and strong, we can handle so much more than what we think! (if you say you’re tired you will be, it’s psychological)
  • Eat healthy: this means, if you do not sleep much and are using up a lot of energy, the only true source that can compensate is natural nutrients and vitamins
  • Drink a fresh orange juice EVERY DAY, if you are weak like me and tend to get sick very easily; lack of sleep and never being at home are the perfect ingredients to get a cold. Boost your immune system with vitamin C or magnesium tablets.
  • Look forward to the day you will actually be able to rest & remember, the busier you are, the faster the week goes by!
  • Have a survival kit: have all chargers you need, USB/memory stick, hand sanitizer or perfume (so you still feel clean & groomed)
  • Take 10 minutes a day to release your emotions; dance, sing, paint, run, scream & shout, do whatever suits you better

Good luck now! Comment below if you have any other tips,

Xx, Clari

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