Treasure your timeless pieces – 2 steps

Easy said, yet not easy done.

First step – How to recognize whether it is a timeless piece or not;

It is usually up to you, your taste, your style and the way you dress, yet here are some key aspects of it.

You can be sure that this piece fits you perfectly and highlights parts of your body. It is usually of a simple or classic print, white T, black leather shoe, leopard print or the marine shorts like on the photos herewith. These pieces fit with a diversity of your other clothes and you can easily accessorize them or create a variety of outfits. It can be from a brand that has tradition and heritage, such as Rayban, where I got my reading glasses from (BTW, 4 years ago I had personally asked to replace a pair of police sunnies with reading glasses, but now I see them everywhere!). You know that these colors and patterns have travelled through years and years of fashion, so you can be sure it will never fade away.

Stay tuned for the next step in the next post 😉


xx, Clari