Treasure your timeless pieces – 2 steps (part 2)

Next step – it is one thing to have to stop and think for more than 5 minutes before purchasing an item to be convinced and sure that you will be wearing it for the next years, and it is another hassle to take extra care of it at its post-purchase phase so it lasts longer.

Regularly emptying your closet in order to keep it clutter free also involves questioning whether it is worth keeping some items that you might not be wearing very often, though you just can’t get rid of it because it is a timeless piece! However, when it comes to that one beautiful pair of shorts that you could wear forever, you know you have to preserve its quality, perhaps maintain it or even modernize and improve it with your super DIY skills!

And what are the advantages of all this?

Well; this piece has a story, no one else will have it, it stands out, it fits you perfectly because you chose it well, it never gets old AKA it’s timeless! But most of all it becomes a VINTAGE, a precious piece of clothing that you own and of which you can henceforth say that you contribute to the well-being of the planet in some way. Indeed, nowadays, vintage, second hand shopping and DIY can be defined as sustainable fashion.

xx, Clari