The classic monochrome AKA 50 shades of grey



Synonym of elegance, vintage, Chanel-like, Paris, but most of all CLASSIC. As timeless as it is, the combination of black & white is one of the ultimate favorites. Their blend, which together create the ‘’shades of grey’’ is the go-to look whenever you don’t feel like being too colorful. It works in all seasons, it’s easy to accessorize AND it looks good in any type of body! (and any type of hair color and skin color and lipstick and hat and eye shadow and I think almost anythiiing!).

Inspired by the transition between winter and spring, this outfit has the velvet grey hat (winter), a pair of black simple shorts (spring) and black tights to go with it (winter). The perfect look for a chilly, yet sunny day in London.

Xx, Clari

How to: pull off an effortless monochromatic look



Tired of having to mix and match colors. Tired of black. Tired of white. Don’t feel like being colorful? There’s a solution; go for the monochromatic street style outfit.

The trick? Just make sure you pair it with accessories of one other plain color or gold & silver to make the shades of color stand out. And that’s all.

Yes, sometimes it is nice to just go for an easy and simple look. These photos were taken whilst running around in the streets of Paris during the Fashion Week. It is the perfect example of an effortless outfit, especially as it is ‘’protecting’’ me from the not too cold, yet rainy weather.

BTW take out your baby blue & cut out tops, it’s is THE season for it!

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The sequinned mini


It’s about time to jump into the spring pieces. Since a year now the mini tube skirt is back. Once again, it is only reviving, but this time, unlike in the 1990’s, the minis are designed in all sorts of fabric. From leather, to denim, button down, patchwork, suede and even embroidery, only the trim remains the same.

It’s all about the statement. No need of excessive jewelry or accessories anymore to make a statement, like 5 years ago. The skirt itself says it all.

The entire outfit revolves around this one piece of clothing. One might say that it makes the outfit limited, as fluo yellow is not an easy color to combine. Yet, let us be reminded that spring is all about colors and I, am all about colors, I can’t hide that side of me. Continue reading “The sequinned mini”

The boyfriend pants & a touch of embroidery

“Denim will never go out of style’’, Career Girl Daily.


Denim pants have just stepped up their game; it was boyfriend pants a few years back, and now, introducing the embroidered denim, take a look at what I’ve got to share with you on this article 😉

Boyfriend pants have been in for quite some years now. Though they look awesome & stylish, it surely is time to upgrade them.

They give an edge to our look, yet it is a little harder to combine it & I understand it has most likely become a tiring & repetitive look. But don’t give them away yet, cuz 2017 trends has just opened a new door to them! Yes, stickers, patches & embroidery are everywhere, in all possible stores! Time to give that edgy look a bit more color & fun! Perfect for spring, you can now play around with your colourful items.

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Why leopard prints are a must in your closet



It never gets old, it’s a classic!

Let me elaborate; although animal prints are often disregarded, unless you are an all animal print lover and only buy that, you don’t have to be Lady Gaga to wear this sort of print. And even if I agree that wearing such prints can be connoted as vulgar, sexy, cheap , not animal-friendly or just ’’too much’’, there are many ways to make it look sophisticated (using faux prints).

Let us go back in time and maybe, take a look at your grandmother’s closet or photos…

Indeed, whether it is the silent generation or Tom Cruise’s daughter rocking a leopard printed item, here’s my opinion; they definitely know how to unleash their wild side!

Rules apply:

  • know that if you do opt for leopard, this will be the main focus of your outfit!
  • just have one animal printed item or clothing at a time… you are not a jungle
  • do NOT mix it up with glitter, lace, embroidery, velvet etc… again, let’s avoid being a fashion victim
  • suede, a tiny bit of lace or ripped pants is acceptable (thumbs up), but keep it discreet
  • have fun with it!

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Black pants to a whole new level

screen-shot-2017-02-07-at-13-15-12-pngDo you ever have the weakness to always go for the same old choice of color, black? No wonder; easy to wear, easy to fit with all colors, works in the winter and the summer, makes you look skinnier, and what not! But what about that moment when you open your wardrobe and find a dozen of black pants, all skinnies (and maybe even some that are wearing off t and becoming grey)? Yes, they’re all ‘’same same, but different’’ (expression I have just learnt from my experience in the night market of Luang Prabang, Laos, where I am writing from just now!). I understand the choice of color, yet doesn’t it get boring though? To always have the same outfits because black pants are the only pair that look good/decent?

Here’s the solution. Have a dozen pair of black pants, but have a variety of cuts or styles each time. Use the worn out pants to DIY them (cut them and wear them during festivals or parties, it won’t matter if you ruin them as they’re already worn out!). Buy different cuts, styles, graphics, fabrics! They will all turn out to be useful at some point, because the different styles can be worn for different events. Moreover, this is what will make your look unique. It won’t just be a pair of black pants anymore, but a whole new level!

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Winter feelings – the Mountain Essentials


For all those of you who often find themselves up in the mountains, in the cold and snowy weather, isn’t it always a headache to pack? Ski clothes taking the entire space of the boot of your car, scarves messing up your hair, those old and dirty snow boots and what more? Yeah, basically, when we’re in the mountains, we don’t look really sexy. Unless you have amazing fur, Bogner or Montcler coats, obviously you probably look amazingly luxurious. But, what about just a simple and mountainy (as in cosy & WARM) look? if that’s what you’re aiming for, this post is just for you!

The winter outfits that we are used to wearing in town just won’t cut it, and you definitely don’t want to freeze your asses off! So here are some tips and tricks to make sure you’re all set for a little trip to the mountains that is not extremely sporty or luxurious!

  • Get sunglasses – the sun is extremely strong and can really harm your eyes, and sunglasses just makes everything look so much more stylish!
  • Have like 37489 pairs of tights – transparent and thick ones, along with a black pair of leggings. If you don’t want to freeze, this is the best way to cheat and keep your legs warm. And if you do happen to go clubbing and want to wear a dress, go for the black leggings, remove them when you get there (discretely).
  • Don’t forget the high knee socks – it’s always a WIN!
  • Make sure the sweaters, dresses or pieces of item you take are actual good quality fabrics such as ; wool, tweed, velvet, leather, fur etc…. trust me the choice of material does make a difference!
  • Have huge thick socks, wool gloves and a good cap, the extremities are always colder as there is not much blood running through.
  • Don’t go crazy over jewellery – with the tons of layers you will have, no one will see! So focus more on pieces of clothing that have more glitter , patterns or that make a statement.

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