Suede and leather, who would have thought?


You’re bored cuz it’s always the same outfits, it’s almost February and you keep repeating the same old looks.  Well, here’s an idea, don’t be afraid to mix up materials, just go for it, that’s how high fashion works. The perks of having a variety of materials is to put them together and make something unique out of it. You know it; leather is definitely IN! Not that it wasn’t in the past already, it is a classic! Ranging from leather jackets popular in the 70’s, last year’s clubbing leather pants and the 90’s leather skirt, you can be sure it is coming back soon soon! So grab your spring jackets and shorts out, pair them with black tights and a winter scarf or turtle neck!

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Chronicles of Cinque Terre – Monterosso Al Mare

Monterosso Al Mare
Definitely the most touristic one in my opinion. This is most likely due to the long beach they have. This is the only one of the five villages where you can lie on the sand and stay in larger hotels. There is a lot to see, a lot of shops and cafés. Moreover, do not forget to walk all the way to the left and go through the tunnel, or you’ll miss out on the most charming part of the village. More shops and less people, it really is authentic and beautiful to walk around in.
How to prepare
Good shoes, hat, swimsuit that you can easily wear under your clothes, light bag, euros, know your way to your hotel! (you can forget about Google maps once you’re there), sun cream, mosquito spray…
And there you go, now you know how to plan your trip to Cinque Terre! Do not hesitate to contact me if you require more details 😉

Xx, Clari

Chronicles of Cinque Terre – Riomaggiore

Riomaggiore, known to be the most authentic looking village, its harbor is quite small and so are the streets. You can be sure that you might get bored really fast, however you will find that activities such as hiking or canoeing are a must! Indeed, be prepared, have your swimsuit underneath and be ready to jump on a paddle, rowing boat or a canoe. If the weather allows it, go hunting for a kayak rental shop (there are some more professional ones than others). You definitely do not want to miss out on canoeing or kayaking, as it really is the best view you can have over the village! And finally, the hike from Riomaggiore to Manarola is only 1 hour long, but very tough! I have honestly never walked up such a steep vineyard! Say hi to allergies, but especially to the most amazing scenery (beware, there is no source of water up there)! From up there you will see the horizon, the hills of vineyards and Manarola village.

Chronicles of Cinque Terre – Vernazza


Vernazza, known to be the most touristic one. True, it is quite crowded and more expensive in terms of dining, yet it really is quite romantic and mesmerizing. Again, there is not much to see, but beware of jelly fish over there and make sure you go strolling through the little streets. Do not fear dead ends or getting lost, because that is how you’ll find the nicest hidden places where you can have a breathtaking view like this photo above! I would advise you to go there around 4-5 PM when the tourists are leaving and you can still have a look at the typical shops, walk around the harbour and witness the sun setting from the big church by the harbour. The sunset is splendid as the sun rays trespass the thick trees and forest on the hill by the port. Following the sunset, take the time to chose which restaurant you want have dinner in and make sure to book. In the meantime, enjoy a happy hour. This is the perfect activity if you want enjoy a nice quiet and romantic evening after a long day. 

Chronicles of Cinque Terre

The 1st thing you want to know about the Cinque Terre is that it really is not easy to plan ahead. Indeed, there is not much information on Internet and you will find out that most of it is either wrong or too old.
On our 1st day there, after our long 9-hour trip, Yannick and myself freshened up & decided to explore our little village. We walked down to the harbor and up a hill from where we could see the 3 other villages (Corniglia, Vernazza & Monterosso). There was a beautiful path there, a playground and even some benches where we sat to watch the sunset whilst I wrote in my diary! On that little hill was a cliff and huge rocks where people could lie down, tan and even jump into the sea if it was not too windy! It was a very quiet place and few people were there which was very pleasant! On the other side of the hill where you had a panoramic view over Manarola, was an amazing restaurant with an amazing view and with amazing food (amazing music as well)! I would HIGHLY recommend anyone to go there!! This really is a place you must go have a drink if you happen to be in Manarola (‘’Nessundormacinqueterre’’ it’s called).
As we were both prepared and excited to go hiking, we found out that the ‘’Via D’ell Amore’’ (it goes to Riomaggiore), the ‘’Walk of Love’’ had actually been closed for 2 years and will probably reopen in only 2 years! That was quite unfortunate but the first few meters of the trail were still open so we had a walk there and discovered some very steep stairs that led us to a huge cliff where we sat there the entire morning in the soft breeze, listening to the noise of the waves!
As I said earlier, most of the information in Internet is NOT updated! Indeed, as we could not go on the trail of love we decided to go on the trail leading us to the other village, Corniglia. So we went up the Manarola village and followed the directions to Corniglia. The view was fantastic and we were walking in the middle of the vineyards! We then realized that the trail was also closed & we ended up on the hill where we had watched the sunset on our 1st day there!

Paris Fashion Week – Look II Floral for All

To my dearest readers,
And here we are finally with the last look from the Paris Fashion Week which is my ultimate favorite one.
Is it not crazy how floral alwaaaayscomes back to fashion? It’s funny cuz every winter I look at my floral clothes

and think how I will never be able to wear them again as it won’t look good anymore! But somehow, florals are always back! Why do you think they always come back? Is it because it is so girly, or because it just makes us happy and expresses our spring/summer mood? Well, I must say, although florals often come back, I have noticed they always come back but with different patterns and colors, making the other floral clothes a little out of season unfortunately. Indeed, they might be bigger, brighter, smaller, greener! However, let me remind how you can always find a solution in restyling old clothes to today’s trend by adding some accessories or the good items to it, so do NOT yet abandon your florals from 2015!

Anyway, I shall not complain as it is really easy to wear and combine floral pieces and, I must confess, it does put me in a good and girly mood! No one really gets sick of it as there are soooo many different floral patterns you can have, and you might not often come across someone having the exact same pattern, making your look really unique (unlike the sailor pattern).
As I said, easy to wear and easy to combine. On this look, I felt like having more of a pastel spring look but still keeping some bright and black tones, mixing up winter and summer colors! But that is just what I felt like doing on that day, cuz as you can see, the skirt has a lot of colors! I could have also worn a dark green top, gold bag, white shoes, orange bag or even a red hat! It really depends on your mood, wardrobe, weather, … This is exactly why a floral midi skirt is a must have item for this spring/ summer season as it really allows you to be so creative with it!
I wonder if this also happens to you, but when it does to me, I get really frustrated and especially late! I like to prepare my outfit the day before and sometimes there is one piece of clothing I really want to wear this week such as this midi skirt for example! But sometimes when I wake up in the morning, I’m not in the mood of wearing the outfit I chose, or the weather does not allow me to or for any other reason, but I still want to wear this midi skirt! So what do I do? Well, that’s easy, this skirt just goes with at least 65% of my wardrobe! And this is why these types of clothes are a must have!
I hope you enjoyed this article and that you will be playing around with your floral clothes within the next 5 minutes!
Xx, Clari
P.S: These photos were taken by the talented ‘’The Styleograph for Shopstyle Social House’’.

Paris Fashion Week – Look I & a splash of orange


As I promised you a second look of the Paris Fashion Week; here is the all black with a splash of orange outfit I wore! Indeed, when you come out of the winter season, all is still in the very dark colors and mood. But at the start of the month of March, that’s when you really start taking out those bright colors you’ve been wanting and waiting to wear since the end of last summer!
I must confess though that the pair of pants I am wearing does look quite shiny, black and leathery. However, it was more of a grey pair of pants and just a little shiny! I guess there was a lot of light that day! Now you know that I was not entirely black, as the grey was there to ‘’soften’’ the look a little! I know I could’ve worn the black high boots I told you about on the previous post, however it would have looked a little to hard core and heavy to my taste. So I combined the look with this beautiful pair of stilettos, still black and dark but open shoes allowing to show just a little bit of my skin! To be very honest with you, I just couldn’t wait to wear them as it was too cold and ‘’out of the season’’ to be wearing them in February! I even think I picked that look in function of these heels! I just really love the new ‘’lacy’’ shoes trend, you will see me wearing a lot of lace this summer very probably! The hairdressing team made quite a long braid for me as I wanted it to ‘’match’’ my shoes!
I hope you enjoyed this look & make sure to keep up with the III and last look of the Paris Fashion Week as that one was definitely my favorite!
Xx, Clari

These photos were taken by the talented ‘’The Styleograph for Shopstyle Social House’’.
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Paris Fashion Week – The 2 Must Have items when travelling light!

As I was only at Paris Fashion Week for a short length of stay of 3 days, I will only be posting 3 of my major looks I chose for that weekend, starting with this one I wore on the first day there!

Yes, I am at Avenue des Champs-Elysées, and yes, it is sunny, yet I am there wearing my long robe winter coat (looking like a tourist).
Let me first highlight the fact that I am a person who feels cold very easily, as you have probably noticed it in all my posts! (I am at least layering or wearing a pair of tights or leggings under!). But, the main reason why I was there with that long winter coat was due to the fact that when you live in London…well you never really know what to expect! So I made sure I was nice and warm the moment I stepped out my door at 4AM! It was also one of the last opportunities I got to wear it and have it photographed before hiding it in a box somewhere until next winter!

As it is quite long, you can unfortunately not really see what I am wearing under there, but it allows me to talk about the 2 main items I had to pick for a short trip to Paris with little luggage to carry along! There are 2 must have items that should always be at the top of the list when packing; bags & shoes. Indeed, I chose to take this pair of black high boots along with me as it really goes with a lot of different outfits and are really easy to walk in (especially in Paris!!!). As for the bag, to go along with the gold zipper of the shoes but especially cuz I just fancy gold too much, I of course ‘’invited’’ my Prada black saffiano bag to come have a visit in Paris as well! Again, it is black, fits a camera, is very organized, resists any type of weather, has zippers and you name it, a perfect city bag!

You might also have noticed, my hair! I wish to highlight how sad I am to inform you I will never be able to recreate this haircut on my own! Thanks to the amazing hairdressing team at the Shopstyle Social House, they really pampered me and did a great job on my long hair!

I hope you enjoyed this post, make sure you have a look at the look II at Paris Fashion Week!

Xx Clari

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A/W 2016 FW, sorry what…? PARIS FASHION WEEK

‘’Le Rouge Is Good, you are cordially invited to enjoy the best of Paris Fashion Week’’. Yes, those were the words! Out of nowhere, I received a totally unexpected e-vite for not only the Paris Fashion Week, but Berlin & New York as well! Unfortunately, I could not make it to either Berlin or NY, but I made sure to go to Paris & this will be the article about my 3-day experience over there!
So in the midst of my  début in living alone, in London, struggling with cooking, grocery shopping, administrative papers, Google maps, money, new job and…well, you name it, basically life itself! I found myself on my way to Paris in the Eurostar, exciting right?! (I must say though, I am fully embracing what we call a student’s life!).
Indeed, straight out of bed at 4 AM, at 9AM I was strolling around in Paris, wandering off, dragging my small suitcase behind me, holding the handbag, umbrella & the phone, I somehow ended up in the Shopstyle Social House! (thanks Google Maps!). Ironically enough, some friends back in London asked me to bring back some good weather…however, I feel like I did the exact opposite when it snowed the whole night in Paris & the sun & blue sky magically appeared in London.
Well, besides the very cold temperatures, my journey in Paris started off pretty nicely! Indeed, whilst Mavala analyzed & did my nails so perfectly, I overheard an interesting talk between 4 entrepreneurs talking about career in the fashion industry. After that, I enjoyed some yummy snacks & got my hair done! To resume I was pampered the entire weekend! Between having a private chauffeur, my make up & nails done, picking out outfits from the Showroom, being photographed, getting a bunch of goodies & what not! But, meeting other bloggers was definitely the highlight of my trip! I spent a lot of time chatting with inspirational, unique & diverse bloggers who taught me so many different things!
To conclude, although I did not actually see any shows or expos, I am so grateful for having been able to take part of the Paris Fashion Week, which really opened my eyes to new dreams & new goals in life! So hopefully, that is just the 1st fashionweek out of many that I will go to!
P.S: Some looks of my trip in Paris will appear very soon, but in the meantime…enjoy!
Here are just a few photos of my 3-day trip in Paris. Shame on me, these photos aren’t entirely mine, but hey, they look so good, they had to be on my blog!!! These photos were taken by the talented ‘’The Styleograph for Shopstyle Social House’’.

Xx Clari


I just realized you guys hardly know anything about me! This is why, this blog post will be all about me, myself and I!
Origins; I am quite a melting pot! Indeed, I come from 3 different countries, in 3 different continents! Asia, South-America and Europe! I will let you guess which countries exactly 😉 However, as you know, the culture I can most relate myself to is Switzerland!
Where I think I come from; honestly, I think I could be quite a Londoner and you will soon discover why!
In a few sentences; so born and raised in Switzerland, you can call me Clari. Ever since I was little, my passion was playing the piano and dancing (ballet, contemporary and modern)! I would say I am a pretty outgoing person! I am always busy and have a very tight schedule! I like to balance my life between my hobbies, social life, family and career! Helping people is also something I like to do a lot and which takes a lot of my time.
Dreams; be the events coordinator or manager working behind the curtains of fashionweek, have my own brand, enter the fashion industry world perhaps in marketing, travel and inspire a LOT of people. ’’Follow your passion’’, they say, yes cheesy quote #1. BUT, after all, I figured, if I will be thinking about fashion for the next 50 years of my life, why not just make a career out of it?! 
Reality; I have enrolled to my dream university school at the Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne in September 2015. Tick to that! That is already one big dream of mine that succeeded! My 2nd big dream that is happening at the moment right now, surprise, surprise…is to live in London! Indeed, I have just moved to London where I will be spending my 2ndsemester working at my dream hotel! These 6 months will also enable me to focus more on my blog, starting…now!
Goals; writing about life and fashion is a huge part of me. It is a way of inspiring others just like they inspired me! Let’s not get on the hipster side, but YOLO means a lot to me! I strive in doing the best out of life and of the opportunities I encounter, which explains my ultimately busy life! I would say my life goal is to transfer my happiness, joy and positivity to others by magically putting a smile on their face through my own smile. Have you ever heard the quote; ‘’Smile and the world will smile back’’? Yes, you can say I am cheesy, again, but there are a few quotes in life that just really seem to reveal the truth!
And there you go! I think with this description you get quite an idea about who I am.
P.S: BLOG; I have so many ambitions and ideas for my blog, and I really hope they will happen in these next few months to come (in LDN)!
Photo: taken at my new studio in Shoreditch
All items: little stuff that symbolise me and allow me to value life by leaving a trace of myself behind

Notebook: that’s where my passion for life goes, IKEA (I know, how great is it! I called it ‘’The Guide to living in London, by Clarissa’’)
Apple: I want the apple to continue falling from the tree
Polaroid fujifilm: creating memories on the moment
Hope: believe in yourself to see yourself climbing up the ladder
Tiara: how my passion for fashion started (I used to have 1 tiara for every colour and match it with my outfit, blue with blue, pink with pink…!)
Purse ‘‘Sac à tout”: purse that’s got EVERYTHING inside it! And ”cupcakes” well that’s just part of my life! I remind people of cupcakes, friends buy me cupcakes, everyone think I am cupcake fan! Actually, I just think they really look good! (better than what they taste ;))

Yours sincerely,

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